Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Way To Die's Almira

To paraphrase Sixth Sense--I see cheating spouses. Please, I can't relate at all. I've fought my way out of Hell and I've got something to say about it. Not that infidelity isn't hell. But the things I've been through, well let me explain, infidelity would just be the tip of the iceberg.

My name is Almira Sands. At the age of nine I watched a man I believed to be my father murder my mother. There was plenty of infidelity to spare going on in that relationship.

At the age of ten Jack began to sexually abuse me. At the age of fourteen he began to pass me around to the men ran his sex trafficking operations. At fifteen he hooked me on pills. I knew if I wanted to survive I would have to adapt and find a crevice through which to escape. So when  Jack began to train me to be an operative for his organization I took the lessons without complaint. I learned how to sling every kind of gun, how to cut a man down with a knife, and how to electrify an enemy with a stun gun. I did things I'm not proud of and bided  my time.

Until one night, my opportunity came and I ran. Through a haze I found my freedom. For the next ten years Jack would hunt me, forcing me to put my son into hiding. But then...then I was kidnapped by Daniel Logan. A man just as trapped by Jack as I was. All he wanted was to get to safety. All I wanted was my son and my life back.

Yes, he was complicated, yes he had his secrets, but nothing he had done was unforgivable. I took a risk and helped him escape the demons that haunted him. And before it was over, he would help me escape mine.

There's that and plenty more to read about in Another Way To Die-Book One of the Lost Legacies. Find out why Amy had no choice but to write my story in January 2012.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: Listen, toots, I live in hell so anyone that says anything derogatory gets me riled up. Hell isn't as bad as you think.

Unknown said...

Bonella, you've got style, you've got class. I was referring to a state of being, not a literal place. But I still don't want to go back there. Cheers ;).

Anonymous said...

My advise is to ignore that bag of Bonella bones. Any guy with the name of Logan can't be all bad. It seems you've had some luck and you're alive and kicking, so what's there to whine about? Horrible past, though, I'll grant you that.