Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anybody seen (or heard, more likely) my boy around here?

He's eleven and pretty tall for his age. He's probably spouting off to everybody about Missouri pride, revenge against the Yankees and his hero, the outlaw Cole Younger.  His name is Boy Smyth, and if you seen him, could you please tell him to head back to the farm straight away?  We got some work to do for Fr. Barnes down at the church this afternoon. Thanks, neighbors.
Me and his Ma apologize if that boy has gone off and offended anyone.  Youth, go figure.



Elle said...

I don't plan anything for my characters, it's their story, not mine, I just get to tell it. Heck, I don't even like some of the stuff they do, but like I said, it's their call and I go along for the ride.

Mary Andrews said...

Hi FIVE, Elle. Mine call me the transcriptionist--and they're right! Best thing about that is that I get to both read and 'write' a new book. =])