Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you kidding me? Quit yer whining! Gort/Sir Gawain from A Step Sideways

You think you have it bad, HAH! There I am walking home in the pouring rain when I get nabbed by me Uncle Daniel who is a mean piece of work. Next thing I know I'm in some other world, a step sideways from our own! Except I'm not me! I'm this huge good looking dude and my name is, get this, Sir Gawain! Yup, I'm one of King Arthur's knights and I have this smart ass war stallion as my companion. According to Ailim (the stallion) we engage in jousts. IS HE KIDDING! I'm not racing full tilt at some other guy racing at me with a bloody great lance pointed at me. Find me the way out of the mists, would you?

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