Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big Grey Horse Speaks Again

Huh, you guys complaining about fighting and stuff, try lugging some guy in a steel suit of armour around the country side. Usually at a gallop! And just when a horse thinks he can rest the call comes, "Come rescue me!" I'm just about to use my best line on this little bit of a flirtatious mare, the moon is up and my coat is all silvery and shiny. There's no way she can turn me down and whamo! Sir Gawain calls and we're off again. Then there's the problem with the silly man's vertigo, he keeps getting dizzy and saying he's gonna fall off the earth while he's on his back holding onto the grass. The things a war horse has to put up with! THey never told us about this in war horse school.

Ah here comes my little mare now, "Where were we my lovely, before the interruption.....

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