Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bonella mouths off

BONELLA: Now I just had to enlarge my exquisite shot taken by the Crypt Police in my honor.

After reading most of the postings here I'm beginning to think this above ground world you humans live in has gone to crap. Mermaids, witches, men who get lost in Italy...then again that's a man for you...a P.I. who can't stop talking about hair polished nails...this Jordan chick who found a stranger and doesn't know what to do with him...


This is a DUKE OUT. You bashing each other over the head for the prize? By the way, what the heck is the prize. Oh puhlease don't tell me there's no prize!!! I traveled one hundred miles straight up for nothing?

No wait...I'm having so much fun lighting your fires.

 By the the head of the Crypt Police...Gumeeth. 


BONELLA: Sorry, hon, that's the human stench.

MUMMSY: Bonella, where are these ugly creatures?

BONELLA: Hiding...bunch a chicken shi...
LEA: This is a family blog, Bonella.

BONELLA: Bite me! This is a DUKE OFF and if your participants can't handle it then let them forfeit...or simply die and we'll guide them back to our crypt gladly.
LEA: You are forgetting one thing, Bonella.

BONELLA: And what, dare I ask, is that, Miss Greek.

LEA: I can delete anything and everything you post. So I'd bite back my tongue a bit if I was you and take your bony limps down a notch.

BONELLA: win round one, but as one of your greats says...



Unknown said...

JET WALKER: YADA, YADA, YADA. I need more competition than a cryptic old biddy. See my votes? Stick those in a cavity or two. Or three, or four...I gotta enough to fill you up. What do you got?

Looks like a bunch of teeth and a bad personality.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: Oh Jet, you come on so strong...who taught you how to spell YADA YADA YADA...By the way, did I mention I'm a whiz at cracking voting polls? And I see you can count up to four...give the man a prize.