Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi! I’m Boy Smyth.  Actually, my real name is William Smyth, Jr., but everyone calls me “Boy”.  I’m eleven years old and live on a farm with my Ma and Pa outside of Smallet, a small town in rural southwest Missouri.  Life is tough on the farm.  But, life’s tough pretty much all over western Missouri in these years after we lost the Civil War to the Yankees and the bloody Border War with the neighboring state of Kansas. Believe me, that loss squashed the pride and will of so many proud Missouri citizens.  

My Ma and Pa don’t care much for any of this rebel business, though. You’d think Pa never even had one tiny ounce of Missouri rebel pride in him with the way he acts, although he supposedly served some time during the war in the Missouri irregular army.  To make it even more embarrassing, some of the war veterans around town often poke fun at Pa for his anti-war, anti-rebel beliefs.

I may only be eleven, but I am bound and determined to fight back and reclaim the rebel pride of Missouri from the Yankees.  Going to do it just like my hero, the outlaw Cole Younger, and fight back by stealing from the rich Yankee banks.  Then again, maybe I’ll follow the lead of the mysterious Border War assassin, Bill “The Butcher” Bryant, a Bushwhacker phantom who disappeared after the war, and spread terror through the hearts of Kansans.   

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