Monday, March 7, 2011

Character Duke-Off. Aaron Carlson from the Heart's Lone Desire

Good morning one and all.
As I write this brief post in the middle of London, my heart tries so hard to keep itself steady. I can almost hear its beat, strong, heavy. I have to calm down. Start breathing again. I've found it. The legendary artefact I was ordered to steal. Others have tried. Others will try again. And I must get there first!

Trenton. He was the last. A once brilliant detective left broken by his contact with the ivory heart of old, the lost artefact I must claim. £200,000 is waiting for me. But there is more, oh so much more. As I near the small antique store where the heart awaits, I can almost feel Trenton following me. And the heart....It's getting under my skin; under my heaving chest. My own heart is almost thumping at the thought of it. Hmm. I better go. Something is about to happen...

Discover Aaron's fate in The Heart's Lone Desire, out in May

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