Friday, March 11, 2011

Conall, Conall, Conall, lighten up from Lee Alvarez

Here's what I'm talking about, Con. You're so SERIOUS. Okay, so you wear a loin cloth, live with a bunch of dragons, and can shoot poison arrows. Like a big, so what? You need to be a little more social. Life isn't just about conquests, you know. Somewhere in there we have to have a little fun, grab a beer with friends, have a laugh. I've got just the girl for you, Con. Such a cutie. Her name in Bonella and she is just a doll. A little on the thin side, but she can wear a hat like nobody's business. Also, she gives the phrase 'witty comebacks' a new meaning. Acid, with a touch of meanness, if you get me. Right up your alley. You'll love her. Now, here's the deal. You show up at 8:00 pm at the MuseItUp coffee Shop, 5th and Pine, wearing a red carnation. She'll wear a red rose. You can't miss one another. I think you both will mellow each other out. I sense that you are one helluva a nice guy looking for someone to love. Bonella I'm not too sure about, but it's worth a gamble. Watch out for her bite, tho.

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