Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conall Tells All the Wimps to Grow Up Already

Hah! Bonella thinks she could devour a dragon-hunter. It's obvious she's never splashed through a swamp, tripping over fallen trees while avoiding alligators all the while trying to get a good slash at a dragon's leg before he takes to the sky. Besides, there's so much muscle on my legs alone she'd choke. I could crush her with one fist.

Lee Alvarez,
Sounds like you live in a place Myrna calls Disney World. All fluff and imagination. I've never seen a bullet--assuming it's a weapon, but I'd wager a good sword does more damage. I haven't a clue what those things you were talking about--cell phone and laptop?? I'm sure I live just fine without them. And I never wear clothes. Too confining. My leather loincloth serves the purpose grandly.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

And I can't stick around any longer listening to you men whine about fighting in a war. Come on! After you've fought and killed a beast 50 times your size, covered with fire-hardened scales, a barbed anguine tail at one end and blast furnace at the other--then you can talk.

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