Monday, March 7, 2011

Devlin Ruark of Ghostly Passions has a few words

Ahh, now look at this pathetic group that thinks they're lot is worse than mine. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Devlin Ruark the ghostly hero of Delilah's book.

Why do I call my competition pathetic? All of them are alive. Aye, I've met the grim reaper, shook his hand and instead of going to my eternal rewards, I'm stuck in my home. I have had the singular missfortune to watch my beautiful Carolina beach front home slowly detererate over the last 200 plus years. Add to that, gentlemen who think to challenge me, in all those lonely years I have felt nothing. Aye lads, a beautiful woman can walk naked in front of me or even through me and nothing.

A beautiful private investigator who fears her mother, a poor lass who's husband was a blithering fool, and whoever this Jay person is who failed at manners and at explaining to all why his life is so difficult. Test a hangman's noose before any of you think to challenge me.

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