Monday, March 7, 2011

Devlin Ruark responds

I see you living still think you have the better of me?

Lyle, sir, please stop whinning about being in line for the executioner. In fact it seems you are quite proud of the fact that it is your just punnishment. But you can at least (much watch my language in front of the ladies) flog the bishop. I am denied even the need for such activities.

Senora Alverez, you are still alive. Are you not? Cease complaining and do the job you took on. Though why a lady would wish to follow miscreants and bring them to justice truly puzzles me. However, it was your choice.

Jordan, lad, trust in your horse and you are now Sir Gawain and yet you complain? A quite heroic figure Gawain was. You are still breathing.

Mistress McBride, my deepest sympathies for your predicament. You claim to love your mother, yet berate her for your predicament. Could you have not said, "No"? You have moved to a new location. What a wonderful treat that must be.

Let me repeat my perdicament. A ghost, which means I'm currently deceased. Stuck in a house that is crumbling. And, please dear ladies forgive the vulgarity, unable to get an errection. And the final insult? I am not on the blasted voting docket.

Devlin Ruark
Ghostly Passions


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

snort. ain't no such things as ghost. just stories round the campfire at night. ya want a real hair raising experience, just let an Injun get aholt of ya.

Cellophane Queen said...

Devlin: There is no say 'no' to Eileen McBride. Besides, I'd do anything for mom even if it puts me in dire danger. Which it does.

And I'm not moving to eastern Oregon. It's a nice place to visit, but anybody who wants to live there is freaking insane.

Now I'm going to get smacked by some desert-dwelling reptile or a bony old bag who couldn't get any more dried out than she already is.