Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances LAYNALD

Things have been kind of slow since we settled aboard Rael's Mothership,the Seraphim. My transcriptionist, Mary Andrews, seems to think I should weigh in here as a ‘promotional op.’
Okaaaay. Here we go:

I come from a world so backward they don’t look to the stars for anything more than direction or prophecy. It’s a rough place; sorcerers, kings, assassins, lethally achieved promotions—things like that. I learned a lot there—enough to know I’ll never go back, unless I can blow it up once and for all.

*grin* I’d like that.

I’d outlived my prime on that world anyway. I would’ve been dead by now if I hadn’t been hauled off planet aboard the Nemesis. Joining Rael’s special Dark Ops Team is the best thing that ever happened to me though I didn’t exactly get it at first. Took them quite a while to convince me they weren’t gods back then.

I mean, Rael’s wireless interface with his ship—and anything electronic across the universe, for that matter—sure looked like magic to me. And Ira.... Ira was hard to fathom, with those crystalline eyes and the way he could control people without their even knowing it. He was only sixteen when I first met him. Then there was Tristen; surgically blinded by her own people but able to see through the eyes of everyone around her. That’s not even the scariest part of her. She’s a lot like Ira, but different and she comes from the Oracle planet where the future has been seen and manipulated to serve their needs. When she and Ira met that was...interesting at best.

So joining Rael’s Dark Ops team definitely broadened my horizons. For a while I wondered what the hell I could contribute to in such an advanced team. I mean, I’m no slouch but these guys are superhuman in so many ways. That’s when I noticed their biggest flaw. Sometimes they can’t see the trees for the forest like I can—that and the fact that I’m a skilled healer would have been enough. But I have one more talent they don’t. I was born and bred to kill (taking and saving a life pretty much use the same skill, you know.) They may be able to locate a target across the universe and even force their wills upon him, but my ability to think like him and perceive what he’s up to has proven pretty handy at times. And I have no qualms about doing whatever needs to be done while these guys tend to want to moralize.

I love a good hunt, but I thrive on manipulation and these guys are really fun to screw with when we're not busy warding off invasions or rescuing important people, etc.

Team’s been together for over five years now and everything’s changed again. Stakes are higher. Everything we do has critical ramifications across the Universe. Though we retain the option to take special assignments for Universal Government Dark Ops, Rael’s new Corporate Overlord status makes that look tame.

Hmm. Corporate Overlord. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well, if I’ve learned anything at all in this life, it’s that nothing is ever what it seems. Bottom line here, no matter what, I’ve got Rael’s back—whether he likes it or not.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: ah boo hoo...fiddle is broke...get a life!!

Mary Andrews said...

The Fireborn Chronicles:Resonances

LAYNALD: That's pretty funny coming from someone as dead as you.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: OKAY, one point for you. You got me!