Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gabrielle Tate has something to say

Hey this is Gabrielle Tate from Out of the Shade coming in July 2011.

Humans, sigh, though I commiserate with your problems and pain; let me bounce some Supernatural sh** storms off of you that I'm currently dealing with.

Oh, and just to clarify, yes I am a faery - and before you start comparing me with Tink - let me tell you that I carry a gun and a katana (which is shorter than a sword for those that aren't hip on weaponry) and I work for the Supernatural Task Force in Centennial Falls, Idaho. Our specialty is keeping all the things from your nightmares and the Otherworld in line and following the rules. If they choose not to, then we have the right to take care of them as we see fit.

Dragons; ha, my lieutenant is a dragon. Hey, here's a question for all you dragons out there, is the first thing they teach you is how to be a grouch? Anyway - even though I can't beat him in a flying race - yet - I'm not afraid of his roar; or anyone's.

You have people messing with you? Trying to start something? Yeah, me too. Though I have demons crawling out of their holes in the Otherworld and trying to take over humanity. Dudes are actually trying to wake up an Egyptian goddess I'm descended from to do their dirty work. So I have to bust some serious a** to fight them and not turn into a bloodthirsty psycho chick (no offense Bonella - though it seems to work for you).

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