Thursday, March 17, 2011


I am Lin

and I write as L.J. Holmes. Welcome to my posting because I am GOING GREEN.

When my children were small

Mel Brooks released a movie...a parody, no surprise, of Star Wars entitled

SPACEBALLS. There is a scene in that movie when

Dark Helmet orders the ship to go into

Ludicrous Speed and it zips past Lonestar's

flying Winnebago and goes plaid.

I don't know why that scene popped into my head when it was suggested we blog about

Saint Patty's Day here on the Muse Blog...except I have a really quirky mind. HOW quirky, you are no doubt asking?

I write a Christmas series for Muse called CHRISTMAS MIRACLES. Two of them are already written, one actually released last year and to my utmost surprise after being out only one month, won fifth place in its category in the 2010 Predators and Editors Readers Poll.

The first two stories, Santa Is a Lady, that's the one already out, and The Christmas War, due out this year are about NORMAL people. Normal people with their own quirks, that is, but book three, that is NOT written yet, but with clues in both books, has a half Leprechaun woman.

I never know ahead of time what direction my inner muse, I affectionately call Nudge, is going to take me, but having a

Christmas Leprechaun did surprise

the sheleleigh out of me.

Now that I am committed to bringing Blarney

to Christmas, I have to admit Nudge and I really Do need a

Christmas Miracle.

For instance,

poinsettias look nothing like

four leaf clovers.

I'm trying to imagine

Santa lugging around a sleigh-full of

pots-o-gold at the end of a bunch of rainbows. Wouldn't the light of the rainbows interfere with

Rudolph's red nose? (I'm assuming that red nose actually is red because of blinking and not tippling the

Merry which case I doubt Rudolph would know the difference.)

Going back to the sleigh and all those pots and rainbows...would Santa also have to lug an

army of Leprechauns too...I mean how appropriate would it be for Santa to slip a rainbow, and a pot-o-gold down your chimney without including the wicked sprite in

the green knickers?

Should I have four leaf clovers hung instead of


"Come here, Baby and let me kiss you under the Shamrock!"

Doesn't have the same ring as kissing under the mistletoe does it?

Santa is a jolly old elf, but

Leprechauns are cunning little imps that will trick you as soon as look at you...right?

So you see my dilemma? I have no idea why Nudge decided book three in my Christmas Miracles Series should have the female hero being 50% Leprechaun.

Does this prove I am a bit quirky?


Going plaid...maybe I should make the male counterpart a

kilted Scot with a gift for coaxing the blarney out of Leprechauns. What do you think?

In the Meantime...

Have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day and don't forget to kiss a few Irishmen for me.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Lin, you are too funny!! Who else could pair St. Patrick's Day and Christmas so seamlessly? I loved this post and it tickles me to think of a Santa Claus having all of those problems. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family and don't get caught under any shamrocks.:)

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Wow, loved the pics and how you strung them all so nicely together with the theme. Awesome!!

Umm...think hubby would be annoyed if I kissed a few Irishmen. LOL

Lin said...

To Muse It Up Publisher, you just need to remind his it's totally un-clover-like to not kiss a few Irishmen on St. Paddy's day!

Unknown said...

Now I suddenly have the urge to watch Spaceballs.