Monday, March 7, 2011

Here I Am. Don't Underestimate Me!!!

No, I didn't take on anyone from hell, but have you ever lived with my family? Mom is totally focused on her life and Dad is never there. He's too busy running for office and meeting with his cronies to get more money. Oh he shells out the money to me, but is he there for my gymnastic meets? Did he see me get into the quarterfinals? No, he wants to be this town's mayor and maybe go on to do more. Me, I feel like I'm in a great big sandwich most of the time squeezed by everyone. Did I mention my coach is always on my back to stay at the right weight?

I've been doing this gymnastic thing since I was three and the last two years I have been doing it so seriously all I can think about is winning and going to the next World Olympics. I'm fourteen now so I don't have too much time to do this. Maybe this makes me kind of b--ch, but who wouldn't be when all you can eat is water and salad every day? Then along comes Carolyn Samuels, who is really the opposite of me in every way. Somehow she rubs me the wrong way and I've been on her since the rope line episode. She's like a slimy worm showing up in the wrong places all the time with her dweeby little friends. My friend Maura and I love to see her squirm and it helps keep away the hunger when I see her expression. It's so easy I have to laugh.

How will I defend myself against the other characters? I mean I'm only a first year high school student, but I have some great friends. There's Brad Morrow, my hunky quarterback boyfriend who is twice the size of most guys. But if he isn't enough he can always bring his buddies from the football team. Plus I know practically everyone in Mill Valley High School. So try to take us on!!!!

I presently live in If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor by Barbara Ehrentreu, but they won't let me out to the public until September. Meanwhile, you can learn more about me and the weak and pathetic Carolyn Samuels at Barbara's author page.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Hi, Carolyn here. I know I'm supposed to hate her, but I really admire Jennifer Taylor and I guess if she were in trouble she could probably count on me to help her. Why you ask? Didn't she bully me all through middle school and now in high school she's choosing my clothes? I don't know. I guess I always wanted to be like her. After all she's perfect and has everything including Brad, my crush. Well, maybe I'll have to think it over after all. Jennifer, you can still call on me, I think.

Anonymous said...

A big boyfriend with alot of pals, in shape, all in all doing okay with the parents, an annoying 'friend', and off the grid so far with Bonella. Can't say I'm impressed, darling, with your woes. Chin up.

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

You may think I have it easy, but I can't eat anything or I gain weight, so I'm hungry all the time. Then I go sit in my closet and eat the stash I have in there away from my parents and then I have to get rid of it. I do this every night. Sound like fun to you????