Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here's The Deal

You know what I've heard authors say when they're sitting around commiserating? (Yes, Joe, I've been eavesdropping.) It always goes something like this:

"Oh, I planned for my story to go one way, but my characters just wouldn't do what I wanted."

Boo, hoo. I feel so sad for upsetting my precious author. Don't you, Laynald? Lee? Jordan?

If they're not willing to listen to us, if they are going to treat us like property, I say we refuse to give them what they want.

Just remember, there's one rule: be true to your nature.

When your author wants to bend your actions to fit into their story arc, don't comply. If they want you to feel a certain way, make sure they've given you opportunities to experience events that will change your point of view. Don't let them be lazy, and don't be manipulated.

If they persist? I've been in contact with Rael from The Fireborn Chronicles. (Didn't know that, did you Mary?) He's got eyes all over the place through his Hive network. We can hook up virtually and talk strategy there, free from prying eyes.

Azin. You make me chuckle. You have certain skills, I'll give you that. But they will get you only so far. Come on down to Venice and I'll teach you the finesse you need to get what you really want. And I could use a good bodyguard.

Your servant,

Michael X. Patriate, The King of Silk

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