Monday, March 7, 2011

Jake Turner from Resurrection Garden

I am not one for lofty words, braggadocio or complaining. I admire those who overcome fear, pain, heartache, and distress. However, broken nails don’t figure high on my list of problems. I, too, carry scars on my body and soul. I’ve been close enough to death to feel the hand of the grim reaper on my shoulder too many times. Life started out good for me. Then my mother died when I was very young and my father remarried. My stepbrothers tried to kill me, and, at my father’s request, I left home when I was sixteen so I wouldn’t have to kill them. Since then, I have witnessed much of the settling of the American west. I was a cowboy, a cavalryman in the army, a cattle buyer, a failed businessman, a failed farmer, and several other failures along the way. What I want to be is a humble farmer, but what I am good at is the law. I’ve carried a badge for the Arizona Rangers, the railroad, and been a deputy in various places along the way. I’ve been shot at more times than I can count and hit more times than is healthy. I’ve been horsewhipped, tied to an anthill and left to die. I survived the charge up San Juan Hill when so many friends around me fell under the withering fire. I travel and live alone because I fear anyone close to me will be in danger. Death seems always at my shoulder. And then I let my guard down and now the woman I love and an orphaned boy are in danger from ruthless killers because of me. The only way I can protect them is to break their hearts. And mine. I’ve been called a cold and hard man. Maybe I am, but I try my best to do what I believe in. Walk humbly, serve justice and protect others.

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