Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dragons, dark swords, deep wounds, drama...drama...drama...

You want to know drama? Lily Delaney...now that's drama. Pain in the neck that woman is. Let me ask ya, have you ever had to take a cold shower? No...I don't mean that luke warm misty stuff. I mean a frozen cold shower? Freezin' my body parts off is what I'm doing.

Wanna know what else she did? That blasted woman tried to pull a gun on me. My own gun! Can you believe it? I oughta throw her butt in jail.

Then she had the nerve to mock my detective skills, "Where'd you get your detective skills, Detectives for Dummies?"

Blasted woman. I still think her skivvies were yellow.

So don't tell me about drama. That's all I'm living since I met her.

See what she's saying now at www.karencote.tv


MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: so, body parts fall off in a cold shower? Ha...that's me, honey, all the time. All you need to do is bend down and put yourself together and STOP WHINING!! You humans are giving me a headache.

Lin said...

Don't you let Bonella pick on you...most of the time she's gnawing on REAL dirt so when they let her out of of her triple secured crypt, she wants to spew that dirt from her creaky jaw-joints. Muse is bigger than Bonella and that rattles her bones right down to the, yuck, bone dust that follows behind her.

And Boney, logistically if the pictures of you show the results of you trying to put yourself back together, you need to think about investing in titanium replacement parts and a good welder. My son's a master welder. SHall I let him know you're on your way?