Monday, March 7, 2011

Kam McBride Has Better Things to Do

I'm Kam McBride and my story "Missing, Assumed Dead" is coming to MuseItUp in July.

I hardly have time for this type of appearance. After all, I'm not a public speaker (even in the virtual sense), although I can make a presentation on a new software product with the best of them.

Personal life? HA! I have none. It's either work or helping out my mom, who's now in a wheelchair from long-term multiple sclerosis. She helps me too. What would I do without her love, wisdom, and chocolate chip cookies?

Because I love my mom, I set myself up for this incredibly stupid trip to eastern Oregon. Some old guy named Salvadore Vasco disapeared seven years ago, so the court is declaring him missing, and assumed dead. Guess what? I'm his last living relative, so (lucky me), I get to be the executor of his estate.

The word 'estate' sounds like some major goodies to inherit, right? No such luck. The old man, bless him, was churchmouse poor. I should have just let the court go ahead with the probate without me. That's where my mom comes in. She's a geneology nut, er, enthusiast (that how I found out Salvadore was my long-lost whatever). Since she wanted any photos or family records left behind, she made me go to gawdforsaken eastern the MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER. What was she thinking?

First thing I do is get lost. I can't find the itty bitty town of Rosewood. So, I'm standing in the middle of this desert--so much for green Oregon--and haven't a clue. But luck was running a little bit my way when Deputy Mitch Caldwell shows up in his big SUV. Hmm. Not so bad after all.

That was my only lucky break, though. Soon enough I've got some really weird people coming after me, and I don't even know why. Not until I do some digging around. Then all hell breaks loose.

I thought Oregon was going to be boring.


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

I heared of Oregon. Moss backs on one side of the mountains and miles an miles of sage brush on the other. Gotta be better than that Arizona territory though. you'd be hurting bad ya got stranded there. wouldn't be on SUV coming ta yar rescue neither.

Cellophane Queen said...

10-4 on that good buddy. Kam has a run-in with some guys in a white pickup. Matched their sheets, I guess. I'm not talking about ghosts either.