Monday, March 7, 2011

Katie McGowan take heart! From Lee Alvarez

Okay, so not every mother is June Cleaver. I get that. But Katie, I have to tell you, remember your mother can only hurt you if you let her! You sound like a daughter who is much too good for the person who gave birth to you. It can happen. And you're right. I got lucky. Altho, every boyfriend I ever had wound up following my mother around like a puppy dog. Let's face it, when you live in the shadow of the ice princess, you're bound to get a little frost bite. But don't you take it from your mum, Katie! You cheer right up. And you get well. I'm going to take you for a manicure/pedicure once you get out of that hospital bed. There's nothing like a dose of Hot Pink Mambo Jambo on the nails to pick up the spirits, big time.

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