Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Interesting group here but I think some of you could use some pointers.

JET WALKER: *sigh* sounds like you’re totally out matched by Ms. Delaney and she could be right about your lack of professional skills too, especially if she managed to pull your own gun against you. Maybe you should talk to Lee about getting a modeling job in her town. She does seem to have connections....

Speaking of LEE, was that a 38 Blue Lady Special snub nose or a 32?

CONALL: Dragon hunter, huh? I’ve got some tips for you too.
1) You should stop splashing around alligator infested swamps since a hunter should never sound like prey.

2) Bad footwork is never impressive. As a rule you can’t crush anything if you end up flat on your face—unless, maybe you were positioning the charging beast for a trap. (A dead dragon’s barbed tail sounded like a weapon with great potential).

3) Please tell me you’ve already scavenged dragon teeth, claws, tail and skin from your kills. It is often best to use your enemy’s weaponry against them (adds a special type of satisfaction to the deed too).

4) And though swords are handy, perhaps you should consider using projectiles and poisons. Stuff like that.

5) I know you said clothing was flammable, but so is skin, so maybe the dragon scales could help you out a little. It works for the dragon.

JERICO: Hey, maybe you should give Conall a few tips. No? Okay, on with the suggestions.

It’s all about survival of the fittest after all and every war needs cannon fodder, so don’t take it so personally. Or if you can’t get over it, why aren’t you leading the revolution against these oppressors?

As for the girl, well I’ve seen that kind of thing (the rock throwing) before. Ira and Tristen had to learn how to minimize their mental connection in battle or one shot would take them both down. It took them a while but they got a grip on it. *smile* It always made Tristen mad whenever I’d drug Ira’s drink but she got the hang of it—eventually.

SIEGFRIED: Are you a dog? What’s your tale?

THE BIG GREY HORSE: When I read your first post I thought you meant you were just hoarse because you sure did talk a lot. But, when you told us you were telepathic, I have more sympathy for your knight. It’s hard to ignore a telepath.

Also, you don’t sound very seasoned since you keep complaining about doing your job. Is there any chance you are really just there for breeding stock?

Another question: Are your hooves iron shod? Just wondered in case BONELLA decides to step up to the plate. After all, your knight’s honorable challenge did go unanswered and couldn’t help but notice how quickly her claim of ‘no fear’ was followed by the clitter-clatter of her skeletal feet as she ran away from the crypt of whom she later introduced and called ‘hun’???

AND, out of curiosity, what's the back story on her anyway? Is she part of a WIP (work in progress) or just an NPC (non player character) in this blog?

MICHAEL: Good to hear from you. Are you sure you don’t have a return ticket to your own time? I mean, if you can be snatched back in time, maybe it will reverse itself someday. I wish the Oracle temple/planet link could be fine tuned as you describe but it’s actually nothing more than an interdimensional like-unto-like link. Works a bit like Ira does when he travels the Ethernet.

You might consider checking out some of the Rom of your time (sometimes called Gypsies). Their herbal prowess was/is very impressive. I’ll bet they could properly school you in a poison or two. Using darts is tricky, especially when poisoned but if you’re getting good with a knife, maybe even one of those nice stilettos you mentioned....

Ah well, looks like Nevon’s back to continue his chess lessons again so I’ll check back later.

--Laynald of The Fireborn Chronicles: RESONANCES


Heather Haven said...

Hey Laynald! Hope you're doing well. It's a 38 Lady Blue Snub Nose Special. My best friend. Matches my 1957 Turq and white Chevy. I like vintage, but the best.

Mary Andrews said...

The Fireborn Chronicles

LAYNALD: Always a good choice (the 38) and thank you for asking,kind lady, I am doing well. I'd also like to compliment you on your stunningly flawless use of camouflage and misdirection. Well done.