Friday, March 11, 2011

Lee Alvarez, dukes her last with her peers. Happy Friday!

The week has been fun! I've made some new pals, got to know a real live ermine, so cute you could eat it with a spoon. Thank you, King baby, for sending it to me. Now living for the arrival of that bolt of red silk! Once again, you shouldn't have!
I've heard some sad stories, a lot of them revolving around people visiting or living on the moon. Makes me a little hesitant to go there. However, my dear Katie, I still see a Fall holiday in store for me and so look forward to meeting you. By then the new addition should be with you, a little baby! I'm bringing the sterling silver rattle from when I was a kid as a present. Mom says you'll love it, it dingles. Carolyn Masters, I want to thank you for the documents you sent outlining the differences between police work here on earth and on the moon. I didn't realize gravity had so much to do with it! You're a peach. Boy Smyth, you get on home. Your family needs you. No use trying to walk to California, anyway. It's too far. I'll take a trip out to see you one of these days at the farm.
On the downside, I met some grumpy people who really need to get a life or take some Prozac, like Bonella. Really, honey, that hat! I think your taste in chapeaus is at the root of your snarling nature.
But mostly, I want to thank everyone. I see I have two families: The Alvarez Family and the Muse Family. I am one lucky person. Now if only I could get people to stop bumping each other off! It's enough to make a grown PI cry.

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