Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lee Alvarez has some advise for Conall

Dear Co (and I am assuming I can call you that),

Sounds to me as if you are living in a pretty hostile environment. I'm going to suggest you consider moving to the Bay Area. First, there's not a dragon in sight. Second, and this is very important, we could use a man of your metal at Discretionary Inquiries, big time. True, you get shot at a little, you have to do some chasing down, and sometimes you're going to get coshed on the head. But that's pretty tame stuff compared to what you're going thru, right? Plus, my brother, Richard,the computer genius from whom all things flow, is as close as your cellphone or laptop. Now, you might be asking what these things are. Not to worry. I admit there will be a bit of a learning curve for you, but you sound like my kinda guy. Now I don't mean that in the Biblical sense. More along the lines of you look like the type of person who'd have my back in a crisis, and believe me, in Murder is a Family Business I am up to my Bulgari-covered earlobes in it. Think about it, Toots. You could do a lot for an Armani suit and the pension plan is grand.

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