Monday, March 7, 2011

McGee talks

yeah, that there war sure messed things up in the Arizona territory. Pulled off them soldier boys to go fight in it and left the territory without much protection against them Injuns. It weren't too many years after that conflict ended when I found Jimmy, and he weren't much older than ya. ya wanna talk about something hard, ya just try being a Injun slave fer a spell. thing was once I got him back, he done lived with them so long, he still thought like them. He tore inta them Hoody boys bad. Busted ones head making him stupid and broke another's arm. Afore I could get on back home, that dark devil Johns took Jimmy off. Johns weren't no man ta be teaching Jimmy right from wrong. Knowed that even afore Jimmy come back, tens years later. Weren't Jimmy's fault he was still the White Savage.

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