Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite Scene in LURKERS

When Lea (our wonderful publisher) asked the question, "What is your favorite scene in your book and why?" my thoughts immediately jumped to one special scene in Lurkers. I love the funny parts of books, personally. Sarcastic characters make my day (even if they are usually side characters). So in Lurkers, my favorite scene would have to be when Jackson finally discloses his theory.

You see, when Kayla wakes up to find all the adults of Toronto (and the rest of the world) to have disappeared, she teams up with Jackson Sullivan, a fifteen year old scientific genius. As they collect information, Jackson absolutely refuses to disclose his theory. He's looking to disprove it -- but when all his information seems to point to the fact that he's right, well... Here's a peek at that scene.

***Unedited Excerpt***

“So?” she whispered, leaning in. His eyes looked very blue today, behind his glasses. He knew something, she could feel it. Why would he be in so good a mood if he didn’t have it all figured out? “Do you know what’s going on?”
    Jackson nodded. His grin spread across his entire face. She stood poised on the balls of her feet. He leaned in, until their foreheads were almost touching, and he said: “It was aliens.”
    Her smile dropped away. “What?”
    “It was aliens,” he repeated. “That’s what happened. They took everybody.”
    She closed her eyes in exasperation. When she opened them again, he was still standing there, looking just as cheerful and excited as before. “There’s no such thing as aliens, Jackson!” 
    “There is,” he insisted. “It’s the only way that every single adult could have been abducted all at the same time. Aliens took our parents.”
    Kayla glanced at Josh, who had stopped playing his game. His character got shot without him noticing. He peered over his shoulder at them. Kayla dragged Jackson into the hall, out of view. “It was not,” she hissed. “And keep your voice down. You’re scaring my little brother.”
    “It was aliens,” Jackson said in a whisper. “I haven’t found anything to disprove my theory.” He slid his hand into hers. His hand was warm where they touched. He pulled her towards the stairs. “Come on-- let me show you.”

* * *

Of course, I can't tell you what really happened, but I absolutely love that scene. Jackson is so utterly certain that he's right and Kayla keeps bullheadedly insisting that he isn't. This is one of the few scenes that survived the first draft intact. In fact, this was one of the scenes that popped into my head from the moment I thought up the story. I still think it's pretty great. *Grins in satisfaction*

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