Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite Scene in MISSING, ASSUMED DEAD

My favorite scene from "Missing, Assumed Dead" (release July 2011) is when the heroine, Kam, first meets her hunka-burnin'-love, Deputy Mitch. It has both an element of danger and a little humor. The only HOT about it is the actual temperature in the eastern Oregon high desert.

Prejudice, murder, insanity, suicide: Every small town has its deadly secrets.

Excerpt (mostly edited, but still may change):

(Kam McBride is lost in the desert and has pulled over to try to get her bearings when a white SUV containing a Deputy Sheriff pulls up behind her. Kam fears he might not really be a lawman, so she takes out a mini-can of hairspray to pretend it's pepperspray.)

“License and rental agreement?”

“Sure.” She opened the center console and pulled out the papers with her left hand, then shoved the rental agreement through the two-inch opening. She couldn’t figure out how to extract her license out of her purse without letting go of the spray.

“Your license?”

“Why don’t you just direct me to Cork Hill, or if that’s too hard, how about Rosewood.”

“I’d be happy to, miss, but I really do need to see your license. Paperwork, you understand.”

Kam released a deep breath breath. She stretched her arm across her body trying to reach her purse on the other seat. She grabbed the strap and pulled it toward her. It slipped out of her left hand. She automatically lifted her right to grab it. “Shit!”

Instantly, the officer’s manner changed. The smile disappeared, and he took a step back, pulling his gun from his left-handed holster. “Drop the canister out the window,” he ordered. “Do it now.”

Kam squeaked and threw her hands up. The canister flipped out of her hand and flew at the windshield. It bounced back and landed in her lap. “Now what?”

“Pick it up and push it out the window. Slowly.”

“You already said that.” She picked up the spray with two fingers and dropped it out the window. “Hey, I don’t know you’re a real policeman. Anyone can play cops and robbers.”

“Please step out of the car. Use only your left hand to unlatch the door and keep your right hand where I can see it.” The barrel of his pistol never wavered from her torso.

“Take it easy. I’m opening the door.” He stood outside the reach of the door’s swing. Kam decided she’d rather fight outside the car, than be shot inside it. She got out with her hands still raised.

“Now move to the rear of the vehicle,” he ordered. When Kam obeyed, he took a step forward, never taking his eyes off her, knelt, and picked up the canister. Straightening, he glanced down at the canister, then back to her. The corner of his mouth twitched as he re-holstered his pistol. “Sorry, but . . . hair spray?” He took off the aviators and smiled.

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