Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorite Scene

My favorite scene in Stranger on the Shore (released March 1st

A whisper of breath blew on her neck. She screamed and spun around.
“I, uh, sorry.” His devilish grin infuriated her, but he didn’t move away.
Backed against the counter, Jordan’s pulse quickened. With trembling hands, she dared push him away. Laughter sparkled in his eyes. She wanted to reach up and touch his tanned face but edged away, slid across the room to the sink, and turned on the water. It took all her power to still her pounding heart. The magnetism that drew her while he was unconscious
tripled now he was awake.
“Hungry?” She prayed her voice sounded calm.
“Yeah, I am, now that you mention it.” He rubbed his unshaven chin. “You wouldn’t happen to have a razor I could use and uh...” He glanced down at the short robe. “My clothes?”
Jordan smiled at the way he stooped over and pulled the robe, trying to make it longer to cover his hairy legs. Glad something makes him uncomfortable. “Your clothes are in the bathroom, first door to the right.” She pointed the direction. “There’s a new razor and
toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.”
“Mind if I shower while I’m at it?”
“Suit yourself.” Jordan turned her attention back to the meal. She’d prepare a salad to go with dinner. The memory of his muscular legs invaded her thoughts and stirred a longing in her that she hadn’t felt in a very long time. She had to stop this nonsense. He didn’t even know who he was. Besides, he was probably married. Not to mention, she didn’t want a man
in her life.
“Want to help? I assume since we’re the only two here you undressed me.” His voice brought her back to awareness.
Heat rushed to her face, and her cheeks flamed. Dang rotten habit, blushing. “Would you rather I had left you to freeze to death?” She stared at the running water, glad he couldn’t see her face.
He chuckled and sauntered toward the bathroom, whistling an old Elvis Presley tune, It’s Now or Never.

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J.Q. Rose said...

I liked this scene too. Loved the story. There was a LOT of chemistry there! Oh yeah.