Monday, March 7, 2011

Siegfried the Dachshund

Woof! Carolyn, uh, I mean, Hi,

You think you're underappreciated! What about me? I'm the real hero in Craig's story, but do I get top billing? Not on you wagging tail, I don't.

My name is Siegfried. I'm a member of Nelson Ark's family. That is the family who so generously took Craig Reeves in after he tried to cut down their 500-year old oak tree. That boy was very troubled. Barbara Bockman tells all about it in her middle grade novel, WOUNDS, coming in September.

At first Craig was rude to Nelson, but Nelson sort of let it roll off his back. It was me who took Craig under my paw, as Mrs. Bockman has already mentioned in Craig's bio. I felt sorry for the kid and figured I would be the one who could help him the most.

I followed Craig around and slept with him and let him feed me; after all, he needed the wamth of furry companionship more than reminders of his misdeeds. Good boy--that's me.

But I swear, I NEVER said I would gnaw on BONELLA's skeleton!! barbarab pinned that one on me. Grrrrrrrrrr. She wants to Duke It Out on the Muse March Blog and I'm the pluckiest characher in Wounds. (well, maybe just a nibble)

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Anonymous said...

Kay, you got my vote. I refuse to chew on an ancient skeleton. A good little guy,sounds like you know how to help a kid when's he down, too. I'd pat you on the head, but I'd have to bend down too far.