Friday, March 11, 2011

So Azin and Laynald Think They're Tough?

You guys may be warriors, too, but I'm sure no better than me. In response to some of the accusations and comments like,
 CONALL: Dragon hunter, huh? I’ve got some tips for you too.
1) You should stop splashing around alligator infested swamps since a hunter should never sound like prey.

You can't always choose where a dragon-demon attacks. It's not like I could say, which I'm sure you do, let's step onto dry open land and have it out.
2) Bad footwork is never impressive. As a rule you can’t crush anything if you end up flat on your face—unless, maybe you were positioning the charging beast for a trap. (A dead dragon’s barbed tail sounded like a weapon with great potential).

Technically, I was distracting him while the trap was set. And bad footwork has never entered any fight I've had--don't know about yours, however.
3) Please tell me you’ve already scavenged dragon teeth, claws, tail and skin from your kills. It is often best to use your enemy’s weaponry against them (adds a special type of satisfaction to the deed too).

Why scavenge crap to haul around and weigh me down? I have all a dragon really has to offer of any use or value -- its heartstone, cut from the head and used for healing.
4) And though swords are handy, perhaps you should consider using projectiles and poisons. Stuff like that.

I'm a dead shot with basic bow and arrow and can throw a boomerang hard and accurately enough to bring down any dragon. But surprise attacks work best.
5) I know you said clothing was flammable, but so is skin, so maybe the dragon scales could help you out a little. It works for the dragon.

That's what the heartstone is for. Besides, skin can't burn if it doesn't come into contact with fire. Only amateurs get burned--and they don't live long, either. How much demon-fighting experience do you have?

Azin, if you drank less and spent less time eyeballing the ladies, you might accomplish more.

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