Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tugger in a moment of repose

Here's a pic of Tugger, my white and orange cat. Imagine! Someone abaondoned him! Some people aren't fit to breathe the same air as their fellow creatures. Tugger loves being a PI cat. He gets to investigate. He follows the scent, sleuths out the bad guys, and has catnip to his heart's content. He is a lucky kitty. But then, The Alvarez Family is lucky he came into our lives. It works both ways, doesn't it?


MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: Here, kitty kitty. That's it...come closer...closer...see that red hot flame?

Heather Haven said...

You are like so silly, Lady. Do I look like the kind of cat that can be taken in by an old crone? Ha! I flash my whiskers at you....from a very safe distance, of course.

Unknown said...

What a darling cat! I love the name Tugger.