Monday, March 7, 2011

You think it's easy standing on your feet all day, making coffee, stuffing jelly in donuts, and then having your delivery man be a gorgeous hunk?  Not on your life.  I'm Ann and Tom makes my knees go weak.  But, then, I've also got to deal with his vixen of an ex-wife, Maria.  I have to admit, she's drop-dead gorgeous, and I'm...well, I'm a bit pear shaped and not anyone's dream girl.

Still, I have to say, Tom seems attracted to me anyway.  Maybe it's my cat, Mittens.  Tom likes cats, too.  In fact, he's asked me to go to a cat show.  I wonder. Do you think he likes cats because his ex could hold her own in a cat fight?  I certainly don't want to tangle with her!

Now, my own ex was a bit of a jerk.  He was an alcoholic, and I thought when I was done with him, I was done with men.  Tom, now, he enjoys a glass of wine with dinner, but he's not like my ex. And did I tell you, he has eyes that shouldn't belong to a man?

Oh, wait, did I mention, Tom's got a kid. Well, actually Maria has the kid, but Tom adores her...Catherine, but he calls her Kitten. 

I wonder if I should take a chance? In August, you can find out when my story is told by Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz in Love Delivery.

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