Saturday, April 2, 2011

Writer's Block and Repetitive Strain Injury

Hello everyone!

A bit late, but I thought I'd address the topic of writer's block and repetitive strain injury. For me, writing is an addiction; a passion that I cannot ignore and have never tried to until recently. I am very lucky to never have suffered from writer's block. I have, however, suffered from what I like to call writers fatigue. I write whatever comes to mind, rarely wanting to use a detailed outline, but instead allowing my fantasies and imagination to spring forth however they wish upon the page. Sometimes I am proud of my work, at other times I come close to shame, LOL. I try to see my works of poorer merit as an exercise rather than as wasted time and texts. Perhaps there are times when my imagination must be allowed to wander however it wishes, a sort of mental form of jogging. And in return for this, I have days, even weeks, when my writing seems to be full of energy and purpose.

As I said I've never suffered from writer's block. Recent events, however, have seen me starting to suffer from repetitive strain injury, a much worse and more immediate problem. During periods of worse pain I am forced to curtail my passion. This afternoon, for example, I am trying dictation software for the first time as I write this blog entry. I feel like a Star Trek character talking to the computer on the Enterprise! The experience is interesting, novel but also a bit stiff, artificial. Commanding a computer to interpret my words feels almost too mechanical for creative writing, but I might continue using it for blog entries. Please let me know what you think of this blog entry, if it feels natural or artificially, stiffly constructed :-).

I have found ways of managing my repetitive strain injury, but of course I have my good days and my bad days. Today is a bad day, LOL. On such days my passion must be curbed, and I'm forced to remain an outsider to the world, the characters that I've created. If anything, however, this makes the good days all the sweeter, and I hope this shows in my writing. I now have two contracts with Muse it Up publishing. The Heart's Lone Desire, my debut novella will be released in just under a month and my shorter story, 'In the Flesh' will see a December release. I look forward to further releases with Muse it Up publishing and to reading works by my fellow authors. Writing means the world to me, and I am glad to be with people who want writing to have meaning for the world.
Have a good weekend, everyone!

Nicolai Due-Gundersen


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I've had a neck strain off and on for months. I knew I was the only one who suffered. I keep thinking it's my chair. What we need is for someone sweet to hold a hot pad in place while we type. Or better yet, a massage. Now wouldn't that be dandy!

Unknown said...

I didn't even notice anything different with this post. I used to tell stories into a tape recorder when I couldn't write things down. It was a pain to transcribe later but it would make an easy transition to dictation software.