Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Heart's Lone Desire

The Heart's Lone Desire will soon be available. I'm currently going through the final proof read before it is released. Really excited :-)

It isn't easy balancing editing, re-editing, moving to Switzerland and working on new material, but thanks to Chris, my editor at MuseItUp publishing I think I'll manage. Anyway, to get you all geared up for the release of my debut novella here is the synopsis:

The chill of ivory. The cold beat of light.

Aaron Carlson delivers the rare, the impossible, to the highest bidder. This promises challenged, however, when he is asked to find a legend; and artefact that even time wants to forget.

To the right price, he agrees to assist the sultry Miss Worthing in her quest for eternity's gift. He will deliver where those before him have failed.

The heart is what she craves. The ivory legend from 18th century France; now no more than a cold whisper.

Aaron follows the trail of Trenton, his predecessor, and the heart's latest victim. A man left empty, broken, by the heart's perennial chill.

Aaron's journey takes him through light, darkness and fire, opening old wounds and exposing him to new ones.

And all the while, the heart watches. All the while, the heart awaits…


Viviane Brentanos said...

Switzerland? I am jealous. This sounds like agreat read, btw.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

What a great cover. It would definitely grab my attention in a bookstore. Best of luck with sales and marketing.