Monday, May 30, 2011

Mother By Choice

I became a motherless child at eleven when my

 Grandmother passed on. My birth mother was there, sort of, but Mom loved

Four Roses Whiskey. It's hard for kids to compete against the lure of liquor.

I was twenty-one, not yet twenty-two when I became a mother myself. My son, a joy was born with so much hair, the nurses wrapped it around their fingers making a curl, and him look like a turnip...but a cute as a button turnip.

Twenty two months later, I became a mother again to my beautiful daughter who came out with her fists clenched and hasn't stopped letting the world know they'd better not mess with her since.

I have so many beautifully funny memories from their youth. One birthday, they were two and four I think, they decided to bake Mom a cake and serve it to Mom in bed.

I don't know why they thought they could pour water and flour into my

electric typewriter and make a cake, but what could I do when they presented me with my paste clogged typewriter beaming from

ear to ear? I grinned, stuck my finger into the goo, licked it with a

BIG smile...they forgot sugar, and gave my typewriter the proper burial rights it deserved.

My son was sixteen. He was proud he was working and had his own money to give me a special, one-of-a-kind 

Mother's Day Gift. What did he choose? He decided my car really needed a paint job...and who better to paint it than him?

Kat made me drop her off around the corner from school. No way was she letting me pull up and drop her off in front of everyone in a car that now looked like a drunk American Flag.

Once again, what was I going to do, but smile, thank him profusely and ignore the

double takes I would get driving down the road in my custom painted vehicle.

I miss those days, but I also miss having a mom of my own.

I was in a serious car accident eleven days after 9/11. No longer able to drive I was forced to accept

Para-transit for the elderly and disabled. Sometimes what seems to be the worst thing turns out to be

a miracle in the making.

Winnie is 82 years old. She survived the

London Blitz as a child, came to

America's South met and fell in love with a Black man. This amazing woman endured

raising her children in an atmosphere where her daughters could not pee in the same bathrooms she could pee in, and she could not pee in theirs. Imagine.

When I met her, her youngest daughter, almost my age, was in the final stages of

MS. In less than one year she lost one of her daughters and her son. I cannot imagine the pain of losing ONE child...two?

Yet this woman is so


generous, and

beautiful she has stepped into the role of being the mother I lost when my Grandmother died, and the Grandmother my daughter NEVER had. She is an

inspiration, and so much more.

We love you Winnie.

Thank you for being you.

And Happy Mother's Day,

Dear Heart.

Lin and Kathy


Tanja said...

Lin, with each post you bring us tears and laughter together. And I am sure that somewhere inside you, there is a tiny dot that says "today say this because * needs it", and the next day it's "hey, let's remind # of ><"...

Rochelle Weber Author said...

Lin: I'm sure you and Kat attract these loving people because of the love both of you exude. Thank you, Winnie, for loving my friends.


J.Q. Rose said...

I think you passed your creative genes on to your kids...Kat's writing and your son's ingenious car paint job! Beautiful post.

Wendy said...

Another lovely testament. Lin Surrogate mothers can be wonderful too.

Lin said...

Wendy, Rochelle,Tonja, Janet, Lea, Litsa, Kevin, Brad, Jim, Ginger, Karen, Ellee,Carrie, Tir, Delilah, Tiger, Nancy, Chris, Kelli, Heather,Kay Dee, Chrystalla, Terra...and all of Muse and those we've grown close to because of Muse...the family Kat and I have been lucky enough to claim has grown exponentially since we found our way to the HOME that is Muse. Muse is more than a Publishing is more than a grouping of distant strangers only hooked together by the same dream. Muse IS family. Kat and I are beyond blessed to be here to claim each and every one of you, enfolding you all inside our hearts with gratitude and awe.

Thank you all. You mean the world to us.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

I just had the chance to read this and agree with everyone...those who spread a genuine love always touch another's heart, and you ladies have touched many.

Your grandmother was a great lady.