Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Poetry

Mother's Day inspires the poet in all of us...

About fifteen years ago my mother was suffering from cancer and that Mother's Day I wrote her the following poem:

Butterflies by Marysue Hobika

Better days are on their way,
Underneath the snow there lay,
Tulips, Daffodils, and flowers of May,
Together these flowers symbolize Spring,
Everywhere birds will begin to sing,
Rejoicing in the hope of a new beginning,
Fragrances, music, and sunshine will fill the air,
Love and laughter will be all around to share,
In our hearts and in our souls we care,
Emotionally we all stand strong,
So fight hard to stay right where you belong!

This year on Mother's Day my nine-year old daughter wrote a poem for me:

I love you mom, the whitest by Abbie Hobika

I love you mom, the whitest.
I love you the color of vanilla ice cream,
That you hold altogether with your cone,
I love you the color of puffy white clouds,
That come out every day for a new try,
The white lilies,
That bloom beautifully every year,
The oozing marshmallow,
That's soft on the outside and inside,
The white sparkling snow,
I can't live without,
I love you mom, the whitest.

There is nothing better on Mother's Day than poetry!

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