Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Mother: Calm Cool and Collected. Usually.

My Mother Breaks Character:
A Blog about my Mother
By Addison James

For Mother’s Day month, I wanted to share my most memorable story about my mother.

Our parents grew up in a generation that rarely demonstrated affection to each other or their children. Saying “I love you” and hugs were rare not only in our home but in our neighbor’s homes as well. We were provided for and that was enough.

So, when my usually calm, cool and collected mother broke character in an extreme way, that was when I knew just how much she loved me.

I had graduated from university and had a permit to work in Britain. I had planned to go and, quite frankly, not return for as long as possible (which turned out to be just three months, but that’s another story). On the afternoon of my departure date, our father was preparing to take me to the bus that would take me to the airport, and our mother was already at work. Suddenly, she came bursting into our house, agitated, her hair unkempt and barely able to speak. “I just had to say goodbye to you!” she said as she gave me a rare hug. “I left work without my purse even! I’m driving without a license! But I just had to say goodbye!”

That’s when I knew the depths of my mother’s love. This was the woman who raised five children, the eldest two were born while she was still in medical school. She was the foundation of our lives. This is the woman who made financial decisions for our entire family, booked the vacations, paid for our private schools, dealt with school issues, tended our bumps and bruises, cooked our meals, was our primary breadwinner and did the majority of the housework. She did this all without complaint and with absolute efficiency for decades; yet she forgot her handbag and drivers license because she had to rush home and say goodbye to her youngest daughter.

I love you, Mom.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Addison, your mother sounds amazing! Was she a doctor? I don't know where people like your mother get their energy. She raised five children, worked and cooked your meals. She sounds like a dynamo. I loved your little vignette showing how much she loved you. You were blessed to have a mother like that.:)

Wendy said...

Oh Addison,
You have me in tears. I love your mother too!!
It's the unexpected actions that mean so much.