Friday, May 27, 2011

Six Father figures, Three Mothers, One Family…

It’s funny how families evolve. 
Try doing a family tree with six father figures and three mothers. 

Ok, one set are in laws. So that’s easy. Still…

I haven’t really been careless, but I have lost four ‘fathers’, misplaced one and I am keeping tabs on another. I have more luck with mothers. My mother in law, now ninety two, but doesn’t know it, is doing well. My adopted mother and birth mother are both thriving.

Lost: Four fathers, who have left their legacy of laughter and love. Losing my adopted father and father in law in the same year taught us about grief, but the memories that remain are of happy times.

My adopted Mum remarried and introduced a wonderful ‘Grandpa’ into the lives of my children. They grew up with his love surrounding them. We are all richer for having him around. He passed away the day after his eightieth birthday. 

My ‘bonus’ family arrived via a letter from the Salvation Army. Discovering my birth mother, half sisters and their family is another story in itself… During a trip south to meet the family I was lucky to get to know and grow to love my birth mother’s husband. Sadly he passed away shortly after we met. Those few days were precious and a godsend. 

Misplaced: There hasn’t been a moment that seemed quite appropriate to ask my birth mother about my birth father… so he is still a mystery. Not lost, just misplaced. Perhaps one day I will learn more about who he was. 

Keeping track of: At the sprightly age of eighty six Mum remarried a young doctor eighty five years old. He is doing well. I care for Mum, while an aged care facility take good care of this ‘father’ for me!

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Rochelle Weber Author said...

Hi, Rosalie: I didn't realize you were adopted, too. I've never looked for my birth parents. How wonderful that you've been accepted by your birth family!

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Rosalie Skinner said...

Hi Rochelle,
I think being adopted proves how lucky we have been. :)
Meeting and getting to know my birth mother and family has been a bonus.

Wendy said...

What a fascinating parentage you have, Rosalie. An epic novel in there somewhere. I'd be interested to read it. I know you write fantasy, but that shouldn't stop you using such rich material unique to you, even if cloaked in fantasy! :)

Rosalie Skinner said...

Wendy, you know they say truth is stranger than fiction.
Of course if I tell you that this experience influences my WIP that would be telling. hmm.