Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your Memory-Making List of Awesomeness

You came back! My self-esteem can breathe easy again. **Basking in my newfound popularity** (Don't worry, I won't get a big head; my children will see to that.)

Let’s take a look at the wonderful ideas you shared along with a few new resources I hope you find helpful. If I’ve left anything out or you’re late to the party, please leave a comment below sharing some of the things you did with your mom when you were growing up. Maybe we can use those suggestions to make special memories with our own kiddos.

Here are your suggestions:
  • Spend time retelling experiences from our children's past. I love this one. My kids enjoy hearing stories about the silly things they did (or their siblings did) when they were younger. Thanks for the reminder, Sharon.
  • Making family traditions like Emily's mom who celebrated the end of summer with a family trip to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition).
  • Encouraging get-togethers with neighbors and their children like Kay Dee mentioned. I remember many popsicle nights on my friend's front lawn, listening to our parents laugh from the porch.
  • Letting your kids be kids, busy with their own fun. Roseanne noted that they'll remember fond memories when they are in the thick of their own child-rearing years. 
  • And thank you for the reminder to cherish our parents (and our kiddos) now while they are still with us, Charlotte. It's so easy to forget that in the busyness of the school years.
In case you're looking for additional ideas here are a few online resources:

A huge thank you to everyone who added memories or suggestions. Keep adding them in the comment section (I can use every bit of help I can get). And don’t forget to come back in a few hours for the e-hugging encouragement session for moms.


jolenejolenejolene said...

I'm proud to say ~ I will continue all the traditions until my feet will no longer carry me. Some activities that evoke fond memories of quality time spent with Mom are listed below
[I omitted many activities already suggested].

~ fruit/veg. picking/preserving [jams, jellies, pickles, fruit]
~ volunteering our time ~ doing compassionate things for people who needed us
~ gardening [veg., tree, and flower]
~ sewing
~ horseback riding
~ baking/cooking
~ crafting
~ amusement parks
~ singing our hearts out
~ going to the farm [every other weekend in the summer]
~ ice and boat fishing and
~ all types of sports [baseball, biking, golf, swimming, hockey, boxing] was all Dad though...he was great too!

That's a start anyway.


Shellie said...

WOW, Jolene! Now that's a list!! Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad you mentioned fruit picking. Love that one (all though the canning ends up in my to-do list:D).

Thanks again!