Friday, June 17, 2011

The Art of the Review: Welcome!

Hello, hello my literary friends and family at the Muse! 

I can't wait to get talking about diagramming sentences, ending sentences with prepositions, and the Power of Whom!


Okay, we won't be doing anything THAT scary- but we are going to get a little schooled in critical essay and reviewing technique. In today's instant age of quips and quickie three sentence reviews on books, film, television, and music- writing a persuasive essay can seem so impersonal. The muck of thousands of blogs, journals, and social media sites that seem to merely concur, tweet, or link to someone else's critiques can seem so daunting, even overwhelming to the would be reviewer with something intelligent to say.  Will my voice be heard? Does my opinion count? YES! You- yes you!- CAN write a full length critique detailing the pros and cons of your subject in a concise, intelligent manner.  Don't think you have the time, even to write about a medium you love like books, movies, or music? Nonsense!  Afraid fiction and non fiction work can't go together? Forgetaboutit!  

We're going to talk about  using the basics of essay writing to analyze character, style, design, format, voice, and more. Writing short non-fiction accounts also does not have to interfere with a multi-tasking fiction author's long term goals.  Reviewing is another angle of working on your own writing craft and exercising your literary skills!  Let's put the quick fun back into reviewing, write concise opinions, and have your critical voice heard!

For my new biblio friends, do let me take a moment and talk credentials.  In addition to my full length novel The Vampire Family, currently in ebook and print with Eternal Press; my 7 book sequel series FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family begins this August at Muse It Up! My previous fiction includes The Adventure of Pave in 2005 and the serial Blood Type: V.  On the non fiction front, I've written for my hometown newspaper The Reminder for, wow, almost 7 years.  My numerous articles, reviews, and essays have appeared in print and online venues including Flames Rising, Fire Fox News, Creative Singularity, Neometropolis, The Mighty Bean, Scars Horror Magazine, Blood Theatre, South Jersey Books Examiner, and more. Most famously, my review of 300 at  Fire Fox News garnered 11,000 hits in an hour and crashed their server! Who knew? Archives of my reviews are available at my blog I Think, Therefore I Review.

I may refer to samples there as we discuss and debate as well.  So spend some time with me, Kristin Battestella today on the Art of the Review! 

Do please feel free to share any basic questions or tell what your preferred reviewing medium is- books, films, games, sex toys- in the comments section.  Though there are a few differences depending on your subject, the keys of a solid persuasive essay work the world over!  Aah, I ended the sentence with a preposition!


John B. Rosenman said...

A promising start to a worthy subject. Thank the muse you didn't start with diagramming sentences, ending sentences with prepositions, or the Power of Whom!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Kristin. Looking forward to more. I went to your review site, and WOW - you've been doing this for a while, your site shows professionalism and also it clearly shows you know how to give a review. Thanks for sharing.
Kay Dee

Unknown said...

This is an area I've been growing in especially recently. It is amazing how much I've learned by doing reviews and how it strengthens my own craft. Fascinating post and filled with great information. Thank you.

Kristin Battestella said...

Hi John! Teehee!

Kay Dee, it's been a few years that I've been doing reviews I suppose. It does take some time to find your voice or style with it just as you would fiction. When it is so easy to press a 'like' button, I enjoy taking the time to be professional and get to the joy of the product at hand.

Yes yes yes Karen! Some folks think they have to strictly do fiction or non fiction exclusively- or even only review one medium at the time. Not the case at all! Feel free to branch out, explore a topic you feel strongly about, and practice your writing!

Thank you all for commenting!

Kristin Battestella said...

Thanks also for visiting the site, Kay Dee!

I forgot to mention, my review blog I Think Therefore I Review was featured in Total Film Magazine's special on top review blogs to see.

That was a squeeeee!