Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Four P's Approach to Writing: Introduction

The Four P’s Approach to Writing: Introduction

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Workshop Synopsis
The Four P's Approach to Writing: How My Sports Coaching Career Gave My Writing Career a Boost.
The workshop will present my philosophy of the Four P's (Purpose, Pride, Passion and Persistence), which I used as a philosophical foundation for program development during my years as a sports coach.  We will go over the four "bricks" of the foundation and relate how each part of this philosophy helped me to become a more disciplined and focused writer.  In a nutshell, how a dumb jock somewhat transformed into a semi-intelligent writer of fiction.

Welcome!  My name is Mike Hays.  I am a husband, father of three, scientist, coach and writer from the middle of Kansas. I love stories.  Always have, always will.  Reading them, thinking about them, making them up, telling them, and now writing them down to try and sell.  Stories and the ability to tell stories help define us as human beings. 

When I considered what topic to present for this conference, my first dilemma was what a virtual novice writer like me could possibly offer to a community of such talented people.  In my career as a molecular microbiologist, I studied microbes, nucleic acids, molecular biology and biochemistry.  In my coaching career, I trained in the X’s and O’s, took classes, read books and studied principles of technique and physical conditioning.  These things I know.  But writing, especially creative writing is a whole new world.  I am slowly learning the basics of writing, the nomenclature, the grammar, and the genres.  I am stumbling slowly forward to learn terms and concepts many, through their experience and training, find second nature.  Which brings me back to my dilemma, what do I have to offer for this conference?

I finally decided on a “go with what you know” approach and present how I use the four coaching philosophical tenets of purpose, pride, passion and persistence to become a better writer.  More and more, I was surprised just how the coaching life parallels the writing life.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find a nugget or two of information to help in your writing career. 

Exercises are provided for educational/entertainment value.  I would feel a bit guilty if I completely left the “work” out of the workshop.