Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Worlds -- The WHERE of World Building

Life underwater?
The WHERE in world building tells about everything in your world’s locations. This is where a rough map keeps the details of your world straight.

1. Where are the different climate zones and geophysical boundaries?

2. Where are the capitals of government, commerce, religion, piracy, shipping, farming, etc. located? Don't just think top of the land.

3. Where are the dangerous places of this world? Are there places that appear deceptively safe?

4. Where is the Hero from? Does this influence him in any way?

5. Where is the Heroine from? Does this influence her in any way?

6. Where is the villain from? Does this influence him or her in any way?

7. Where are the secondary characters from? Does this influence them in any way?

And you want to include more than just geographical location, you should know each important character's socio-economic class, his or her family situation, their friends and acquaintances, and the habits they developed from this location. In other words, know what influences setting has had on your character.

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Seven essential points; thanks!