Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Worlds -- The WHO of World Building

The WHO of setting doesn’t refer to any particular character, but to the culture of the story world. This is where you create the culture(s) of your world.

1. WHO are the people of your world? Is there something in their past that made them this way?

What can you tell about this world?
2. Is there more than one type of beings? Who are the others?

3. Do they have different social classes? Describe the differences in their cultures ?

4. Do they have any unusual customs? How did these develop?

5. Do they have different ways to dress, behave, work, educate or entertain themselves ?

6. Do they typically need something that they must have to live? Or is there something they are deprived and crave to own? This might not be a physical object but a unique power or gift.

Keep asking yourself more questions about WHO makes up your world. As differences and new descriptions occur in your writing, be sure to place the information in your world bible so you can easily refer back to it. There is nothing worse than going through hundreds of pages to find where you mentioned a vital piece of information.

The better you know the society, the better you know how your world operates, the better your characters will react within that world.

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Excellent points for an exercise. Thank you.