Friday, June 3, 2011

Research, The Joy and The Pain Part Six

Thanks for sticking with me all day. I hope I have been able to shed some light on how and when to incorporate research into your work. I can’t stress enough, how important it is to be sure your facts are correct. Enough of that for now….workshop is over, let’s party! I will choose one name from those who left comments today, that lucky winner will receive a copy of Emily Pikkasso’s The Oak King’s Daughter. Sneaky of me not to mention that until now, isn’t it? I want to thank everyone who participated today, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Lisa Forget said...

Thanks so much for preparing such a thorough workshop.

I enjoyed your writing style, very much. It was a pleasure to follow your blog postings today!


Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Nancy, great workshop. I see I need to work especially on organization of my research. You gave some good tips!

Thanks again,


Unknown said...

Nancy, this was a great workshop thank you! I have enjoyed it, and made it my mini breaks during getting ready for the garage sale..... Thank you!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great workshop Nancy, now all I need is to get organised. My filing system is always being revamped and yet I seem to be able to lose just about anything. Thank goodness your tips and ideas will be here so I know where to find them!

Christopher Hoare said...

Thanks for such a thought provoking series of posts, Nancy. I really must remember where all my research sources were, but I'll never be that organised.

I did want to mention that your browser's history tag will always be there to refer back to when you find you didn't make complete notes the first time. Or, as you say, when some sub-plot appears and needs those other bits of knowledge you skimmed over.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reminding me how much I enjoy digging through odd corners of research---even when I'm rushing through and impatient to take off on the angle I'm searching for.

Nancy Bell said...

Thanks everyone for you kind comments. I had a blast today visiting with each of you. I do love my research, too much sometimes. LOL

Wishing you all great book sales, happy researching and a wonderful summer.

I will announce the winner of a copy of The Oak King's Daughter shortly. Must make tags and put names in a hat to make it fair.

Thank you again for joining me today.


Beverly said...

Nancy: I hope you see my late post since I want to thank you for all the info. Sometimes I think I spend too much time researching since I like it and not enough time writing, but your lessons assured me I'm on the right track! Your posts covered every question I could think of and your info will help me organize my reseach better. Thanks again.

Wendy said...

Thank You Nancy,
I have enjoyed your posts very much and all of your research wisdom. It hadn't occurred to me to research everything first, before I start writing. That would make the writing easier.

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Nancy, thank you for showing us the benefits of research for almost any kind of writing. I'm thinking now of places where I need to go back and do some more research. Great post and so much work!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nancy. I'll be referencing your lesson until I get it all down pact.

Would you want to run my workshop...your's is a tough nut to follow - Smile!!
Kay Dee