Saturday, June 18, 2011


by Mary Andrews


If you’ve been following all the fabulous classes being shared here from all these very knowledgeable authors, it is easy to realize just how overwhelming so much information can become. So I have a present for you. Below this posting will be three sets of resource lists for you to copy and put to good use. They are titled: LEARNING THE CRAFT, GETTING PUBLISHED, & SELF PROMOTION.

When I first started writing, I would’ve killed to find lists like these. I had to stumble and trip over most of what I needed to know as I went along--especially in the business parts. (Sometimes I didn’t know the names or existence of what I sought. It was not undoable, but I’m hoping the lists will make it easier for other writers/authors—no matter how much or little they may know—to access and retrieve information as needed.

Now more about how to use the files.

I keep them on my computer desktop in a folder named FAVORITES. Whenever I come across interesting sites from groups, chats, classes etc, I just cut and paste them into the proper category for later. Hence I do not lose all the great sites referring to 'building a book trailer' while I am concentrating on learning how to ‘show, not tell.’ The information will safely sit and wait until I’m ready for it.

Sometimes just having the lists themselves can help a writer identify the things he/she will need to master. At this point, I've illustrated the wealth of information on the internet by showing just how much of a friend Google can be. It is amazing how much can be found by simply asking a question to a search box—especially at 4am when no one wants to talk anymore but the answer is important.

You’ll notice the first subject of LEARNING THE CRAFT is WRITING RESOURCES ONLINE. Whenever you find general resource sites, place them there. Later you can cull out specific topics and place them into more precise headings for quicker location as needed.

When I designed these lists, the first thing I did was to clear out my writing FAVORITES on the internet. For ages I had been accumulating interesting and educational writing sites from all over. The only problem was that they weren’t well categorized or easily accessible. In fact, they were totally forgotten to me since I seldom looked for things in my favorite’s collection. So I spent a day visiting each of those long lost jewels, removed the deceased ones and cut & pasted the rest into the categories where they belonged. I can’t tell you how handy it is to be able to include useful websites in a critique without having to chase it down.

But for right this minute, I would recommend keeping these lists close at hand while attending our Blog Convention. Seriously, how many really great sites have you heard about so far? Quick...gather them up. For that matter, it’s equally easy to keep the address for your favorite articles here too. (Just be sure to get the individual addresses or you’ll end up at the home page instead.)

My personal favorites are now posted on my website's RESOURCES PAGE ( ) where everyone is welcome to drop by and browse at your leisure. I started to check the links to make sure they are current but got no farther than Mr. Brain man’s sites, which I could no longer locate. I’m really disappointed about that because his site was a wondrously well done how to write site in every way.

Each year around October, I plan to update my website resources page in time for the free Muse Online Conference (another great place to use these files).

I keep my documents zoomed in at 150 so it’s more legible for me, otherwise the words may seem too small for some. As always, everyone is invited to contribute sites or suggest topics to be added.

I'll be adding more blogs throughout the day so stay tuned and feel free to ask questions in the comments. I'll keep watch for them.

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