Friday, June 3, 2011

The Return to Childhood Memories through Adult Creativity

Hey, everyone!

Just thought I'd post a link about my first non-fiction essay promoting my novella, the Heart's Lone Desire. In my essay, I discuss one of my favourite sci-fi shows from my early years, and compare elements of it to my debut horror novella to explore how my childhood memories influence me still.

Here's the link:!

I believe some of our other authors have also had essays published through this magazine, and it's great to see that we have some connections to get not only our stories but other articles out there!


Wendy said...

I'm sorry Nicolai,
I can't find your essay on that site.

Nan D Arnold said...

It's on page six-seven (I think). I don't remember Spellbinder (I am several zillion decades older than you though). Liked the essay (reminded me of "Outer Limits" and how I loved that program;though now watching reruns of it seems...less than engrossing). Ah, youth.