Saturday, June 18, 2011


by Mary Andrews

The little things that make a difference:

-First off, every email sent should contain your name and your website and maybe even your brand if you have one in a signature.

-Your username, unless you are going incognito, should contain your name or the title of your most current book.

-Never, ever, ever post any announcement without a live link to whatever you are referring.

-If you have a ridiculously common name like Mary Andrews, make sure to make your website and email more noticably distinct (i.e.: or author.mary.andrews@

-When you make business cards and book marks, be certain to include your website and ISBN numbers for print books as well as your cover art. (You can put ISBN numbers on a stamp and add to back of cards when book is out in paper if need be.) I had a box of cards printed up with nothing but the covers, website and ISBN numbers on them.

Whenever I talk about the book I hand these out and when I do book signings, I hand them out like candy to anyone who’ll take one. I don’t sit in a comfy chair either, I bring a stool to lean on, and while holding a card out to anyone who dares walk by, I pleasantly ask, “Do you like science fiction?” Most people instinctively reach for things being handed to them. If they take the card but do not approach the table I simply add that there are free sample chapters on the website.

-I also print up my reviews and keep them in a folder on the table. You would be surprised how many people will look through them while waiting.

-I met Ray Bradbury once and he gave me a piece of advice about autographs. He told me to ALWAYS ask how a name is spelled before writing it. It seems like a common sense thing but the more I thought about it, the more I came to see the wisdom.

-It is always good to make a sign saying LOCAL AUTHOR or MEET THE AUTHOR too. I’ve had people buy books just to support a local artist and a lot more people than you’d think will look right at your AUTHOR nametag and still ask, “Are you the author?” sigh. Don’t forget to smile. Maybe they were born with money instead of common sense.

-When looking for places to promote both printed and eBooks, remember to do a local search for local writers and readers groups where you can offer to do a reading or teach a class as well as a book signing. And don’t forget senior citizen communities. Many of them have writing classes or are open to the possibilities.

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Charlie said...

Loved your with this tip. Some great suggestions. Like you said, common sense, but tips not to be forgotten. Thanks for bringing them to light.
C.K. Volnek