Saturday, June 4, 2011

Working With Your Editor

thank you, Roseanne, Marva, and Sharon, for your comments. Yes, I was a book burner at age 5. I'm sure my teacher had more copies, but what can you do with a whiny child?
How many times will Sharon, I will still check out Iris Murdock, I haven't read any of hers that I recall.

Working with your Editor

How many times will an editor return your manuscripts for further editing? as many times as it takes. I am currently working with an editor on "Andy's Shock" She has sent it back so many times I finally put it the closet. Last week I took it out.
For one thing, I referred to Elvis Presley and she said he did not become a star until the sixties. I had him at 1954. (The workshop on research hit home with me.) Research proved me right, but I should have researched instead of depending on my memory.
Editor Madeline Smoot at Blooming Tree Press had the audacity to change my protagonist from the younger brother to the oldest one. I had to take a walk to cool off before I heeded her advice. It worked much better with her suggestion and the story titled "Summer in Pennsylvania" is on page 179 in the anthology titled Summer Shorts.
I'll pause a short while and then summarize.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Your editor is wrong about Elvis. He was on Ed Sullivan in the 50's (not sure what year, but I will get it for you.) He was a teen heart throb and he was the star of the movie I saw when I was a girl in the 50's. He went into the army in the 50's and this was huge news. I hope you didn't change it too much:) I think you were right on the money!

Wendy said...

The Elivis example is one where the editior could have easily checked the internet before making that statement. You were in your rights to point out the truth.

What a wonderful example you gave of an astute editor. It must have been frustrating, though. I bet you are a much better self-editor after that experience.

jabberingjo said...

thank you, I was going to change it, but I can't think of any other hearthrob at the time. The Beattles came a little after, didn't they