Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maybe Once Or Twice In A Lifetime- A Blog following Two Muse Authors in Greece

Once or twice in a lifetime you might have the extreme good luck to stumble upon a person whose life and aspirations so closely mirror your own that you are instantly connected. One such person in my life is my friend and fellow Muse Authoress, Viviane Brentanos. It just so happens that she lives in a pretty amazing place--The island of Corfu, Greece.

Both of us are drawn to write stories of struggle and triumph, passion and everyday extraordinary people. When we met online we began a nearly daily interaction that has included, what she terms 'the slashing' of each other's work, as well as sharing thoughts and feelings about everything under the sun.

The waning days of July found me landing at Corfu's small airport, renting a car and making my way around the bay to the Hotel Oasis where Viviane works as front desk clerk/hostess/psychologist/stand-in parent and jack of most trades.

Viv at her Station

Corfu's economy is largely dependent on tourism, most of which occurs between May and September. During the cool rainy winter months the residents return to their quiet lives, but during high season it's seven days a week long hours spent smiling and tending to the onslaught.

This is my second visit to Corfu. This time I had the pleasure of meeting Viv's boss and family owner of the hotel. A host this rare should be mentioned. Generous and helpful, Petros made our time at his lovely little hotel a gem.

The Oasis clings to the cliff side and overlooks the crystal clear Ionian Sea. Little Mouse Island dots the warm aqua/azure water and families from all over the region enjoy its private beach, daily breakfast served on a large open air terrace and sparkling pool.



Oasis Hotel private beach area

Mouse Island

Touring about the island affords many more gorgeous vistas, none the equal of Viv's little corner of the world, but magnificent nonetheless. From Agios Gordios distinctive offshore rock spiking from the sea,

Agios Georgios


to the tiny villages that reflect Greece past,




Lakones Village next to Achillion

to the nightlife action and rocking sea sport town of Kavos,


and the beautiful curve of Roda's cafe-lined beach,



Outdoor cafe decor-

the world weary traveler can find endless beauty and a way of life not unlike that of a small town anywhere.

People know each other, care about each other and, yes, sometimes gossip about each other. But isn't this a sign of human connection so many of us crave in this impersonal work-a-day society?

Don't expect to hear much English should you choose to visit, but almost everyone knows it and uses it as the lingua franka. Mythos--perhaps the best lager in the world, flows plentifully.

Kebab dinner

Pitas are unlike their cousin Gyros, but every bit as delicious and the local Kumquat Liqueur is served over ice or with a swirl of cream.

Sailboats and yachts abound.


Cruise ships goes by

The night time sky like a diamond spattered ebony velvet. Cicadas sing in the trees and the smell of junipers mingle with baked earth and grass.


Gorgeous Junipers

From thirty thousand feet it looks like a dream.


Small wonder this Italian flavoured jewel is sought after for relaxation by those in the know.

Thanks for the insider tip, Viv.





Albania just across the water


Christine London
Author of Reluctant Companions
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Viviane Brentanos said...

thanks for visiting again, Chris. It was wonderful to see you and we had some great laughs - especially with Renzy's pronunciations. I would love to have a Muse retreat at the hotel. It would be fun.

Christine London said...

We did have fun, didn't we?

The Oasis would be a darn good site for Muse retreat...

M. L. Archer said...

It's gorgeous!

Wendy said...

These are fantastic photos. Does look perfect for a writers retreat.
Congratulations on Reluctant Companions,your latest release, Christine.

Christine London said...

Thanks, Wendy..oh, and I agree. The Oasis would be the best Muse retreat site ever!