Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Classroom and Technology

I was a middle school Spanish teacher until ten years ago when I decided to stay home to raise my family and I can not believe how much technology has changed and shaped the classroom in the past decade.  Last night I attended my daughter's open house at the middle school and it was an eye opening experience.

Upon arriving I had to register for the parental portal - an electronic communication system for parents where teachers post grades.  Now when a student says, "I don't know I got on my test in Science today," a parent can quickly log into their account and have access to their child's grades.

Long gone are the days of making dittos, writing on chalkboards, or using overhead machines with transparencies - now classrooms are equipped with Smartboards - an interactive internet board. Technology has gone way beyond computer class and instead it is integrated into every class.  For example, in music class students learn to play the piano and then they listen to the music they composed by using the GarageBand by Apple application.  

School supplies have changed over the years too.  In addition to the necessary paper and pencils, a USB drive was on the list.  I expect to see my personal favorite added to the list soon - an e-reader!

When I return to the classroom as a teacher I will have my homework cut out for me - simply getting up to speed in all these advancements in technology.

Technology in the classroom is extremely important because it is the future.


Mindy Hardwick said...

I enjoyed your post! And yes, won't that be wonderful when an e-reader is as common place as the Smart Boards in classrooms and libraries!

Pat McDermott said...

I would have loved to have a parental portal when my kids were in school! Your post is a reminder that technology affects all of us in ways we can't imagine until we have to deal with it. Good luck catching up when you return to teaching, Marysue!

Unknown said...

We have a parent portal in the school district my kids attend. I can see their grades, homework, even what they had for lunch right down to chocolate of white milk.

The middle and high school's here in the 'burbs outside of Houston are using tablet computers, complete with wifi. No more books, planners, etc. Everything is in that one little machine. Each student has (is required) to have one.

There are payment options for families who need it (free for some) and insurance for kids prone to dropping things (like mine.)

It's totally different classroom than I remember growing up!

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