Sunday, September 11, 2011

Editors Flash Fiction ENTRY #12

 A Night Out

“Renee, please feed her at six sharp.  And only one snack, but not anything chocolate or with caffeine. Bedtime’s at eight. Not a minute after.  If she doesn’t get her sleep, well, let’s just say even God even steps lightly around her. Here’s my cell number.  We’ll be at Max’s for dinner and then the theatre.”
“We’ll be fine, Mrs. Adams.”
“I can only hope.  Oh, dear. Here we go again. Come out of that closet right now and stop whining! I mean it. You best behave yourself for Renee. Don’t make me come in there. Mama!  You hear me?”


marrwichil said...

Totally did not see that coming. Was sympathizing with the womans plight relating with her right up to that last line then had me giggling. I vote for this one :) Cute and (unfortuanately for some) realistic.

Mary Andrews said...

Now that's how to use dialog.